Great spirits owe everything to their origins.

Cotton & Reed’s products embrace the quirks and complexities of each source ingredient, using wild yeast strains and gentle hand distillation in our custom still to bring out the richest flavors each plant has to offer. From our white rum that doesn’t shy away from cane’s depth of flavor to our dry spiced rum that accentuates it with a one-of-a-kind botanical blend, Cotton & Reed’s products aren’t afraid to show their roots.



Cotton & Reed set out to create a rum with depth and character right out of the still. Each ingredient has its own flavors and aromas, creating an unusually layered young cane spirit. To bring this recipe to life, Cotton & Reed searched the South for the perfect sugarcane sources. Simple, minimally processed Louisiana cane makes our rum possible. To add more interest to tiki classics or create your own cocktail tinkering, use Cotton & Reed White Rum.



Spiced rum has been ignored for too long. Cotton & Reed is reinventing the category by striking an intriguing balance among seventeen botanicals from five flavor groups: spice, earthiness, bitterness, citrus, and sweetness. Unexpected ingredients like bitter gentian and sweet fenugreek add structure to the familiar spice of nutmeg and clove. A stingy pinch of raw sugar after maceration and vapor infusion integrates everything, creating the depth and maturity that sets Cotton & Reed Dry Spiced Rum apart. Take neat at any speed or add warming aromatics to cocktails.