Great spirits owe everything to their origins.

Cotton & Reed’s products embrace the quirks and complexities of each source ingredient, using wild yeast strains and gentle hand distillation in our custom still to bring out the richest flavors each plant has to offer. From our white rum that doesn’t shy away from cane’s depth of flavor to our dry spiced rum that accentuates it with a one-of-a-kind botanical blend, Cotton & Reed’s products aren’t afraid to show their roots.



Cotton & Reed set out to create a rum with depth and character right out of the still. Each ingredient has its own flavors and aromas, creating an unusually layered young cane spirit. To bring this recipe to life, Cotton & Reed searched the South for the perfect sugarcane sources. Simple, minimally processed Louisiana cane makes our rum possible. To add more interest to tiki classics or create your own cocktail tinkering, use Cotton & Reed White Rum.



Spiced rum has been ignored for too long. Cotton & Reed is reinventing the category by striking an intriguing balance among seventeen botanicals from five flavor groups: spice, earthiness, bitterness, citrus, and sweetness. Unexpected ingredients like bitter gentian and sweet fenugreek add structure to the familiar spice of nutmeg and clove. A stingy pinch of raw sugar after maceration and vapor infusion integrates everything, creating the depth and maturity that sets Cotton & Reed Dry Spiced Rum apart. Take neat at any speed or add warming aromatics to cocktails. 



Cotton & Reed Allspice Dram is a core component of the tiki toolkit, delivering a maelstrom of prickling allspice and soothing clove at the first suggestion of freshly cut limes. Our Allspice Dram delivers all the mouth-watering punch of traditional drams with a fraction of their sweetness, replacing sugar with the natural complexity of dry-fermented limes. The balance struck between sweet, sour, bitter, and spicy notes makes it useful as a substitute for amari or aromatized wine in cocktails. Apply soda water and the juice of half a lime to a jigger of dram to make our renowned Dram Rickey.


despaccino bottles-11.jpg


A coffee & botanical infused digestif to be enjoyed slowly; on the rocks. We made Despaccino with Stumptown Coffee Hair Bender Espresso to celebrate DC's upcoming Coffee Fest, which includes the 2018 SCA Barista & Brewers Cup Preliminary. Coffee meets dehydrated blood orange, fenugreek, rhubarb, woodruff, cacao and gentian. This is not a coffee liqueur. Despaccino is best consumed slowly - like an espresso after dinner. Limited to 300 bottles.

This spirit is sold out.

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On our first anniversary, Cotton & Reed is releasing Cider Barrel Spiced, our first barrel-rested product. We rested overproof Cotton & Reed Dry Spiced Rum in a cider barrel for six months. The barrel from Millstone Ciderworks previously held cider pressed from Gold Rush apples, whose inherent spice notes fold neatly into our botanical blend. Oak and fruit put some fall-appropriate flesh to our rum's already inviting bones. It's an elegant sipper for your own home bar, and makes a great gift. Like Cotton & Reed, it's not too old, but it's been around for at least a little while.

Limited to 100 bottles; released on 11/12/2017.

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Dry Spiced Rum + Allspice Dram. It's spice as nice. Our first annual holiday release is a blend of Dry Spiced Rum and Allspice Dram rested in bourbon barrels from One Eighth Distilling. It's a warming, welcoming shot or sipper suited for holiday gatherings both raucous and refined. 35% ABV. 

Limited to 450 bottles; available December 2017.