DC's First rum distillery

Tues - Thurs, 4pm to midnight
Fri, 4pm to 2am
Sat, noon to 2am
Sun, noon to midnight


Our Story

Co-founders Reed Walker and Jordan Cotton became friends while working as strategists for NASA and the aerospace industry. They discovered a shared passion for spirits at work happy hours, and decided to leave their desk jobs to start a distillery called Cotton & Reed. Under the direction of veteran barman Lukas B. Smith, Cotton & Reed is now serving award-winning cocktails at the distillery tasting room next to Union Market. Look for our products at bars, restaurants, and liquor stores across DC.



(202) 544-2805


1330 5th Street NE
Washington, DC 20002


Tues - Fri, 4pm to midnight

Sat & Sun, noon to midnight

Our Spirits

Great spirits owe everything to their origins. Cotton & Reed’s products embrace the quirks and complexities of each source ingredient, using wild yeast strains and gentle hand distillation in our custom still to bring out the richest flavors each plant has to offer. From our white rum that doesn’t shy away from cane’s depth of flavor to our dry spiced rum that accentuates it with a one-of-a-kind botanical blend, Cotton & Reed’s products aren’t afraid to show their roots.


Bar Menu

REDBEARD | white rum, campari, ginger, lemon

RUMBA PALUMBA | white rum, ilegal mezcal, grapefruit, lemon

LIQUID NOSTALGIA | white rum, rujero singani, bitter orange soda

ROSE OF JERICHO | dry spiced rum, allspice dram, house cola, dandelion, turmeric, limón de jerez

LATERAL UNDULATION | mellow gold, allspice dram, aperol, limón, distillery lane ciderworks sidewinder, pineapple

PHARM PHASIONED | wild turkey 101 rye, cane syrup, lukey’s no. 23 bitters

NEGRONI LUCCONI | dry spiced rum, campari, cocchi vermouth di torino

STIRRED WORD | dry spiced rum, green chartreuse, maraschino, limón

KOJI NNAMDI | mellow gold, rujero singani, seasonal ginger beer

HENHOUSE SAZERAC | hennessy vsop, mellow gold, absinthe

MY WAY : HIGHWAY | angels envy rye, dry spiced rum, bitters

COCOMOTION (SLUSHTOWN) | white rum, mellow gold, lacto-coco, pineapple, fino

Tours and Tastings

Our distillery is open for tours, tastings, and private events. Please use our Event Inquiries form to begin the process of hosting your event with us.

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